Do you prefer Movies or TV Shows
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04-07-2021, 12:52 PM

Always been interested to know what people prefer. TV Shows have got more popular with the rise of streaming services and 'bingewatching'.

I tend to prefer Movies personally. Despite having many TV Shows at my disposal on Netflix. I have many reasons for that:

- They require much less commitment. You watch a movie and it's done.

- TV Shows sometimes go on too long and lose what made them good. They are more likely to have a weaker ending if the creators keep milking it.

- Movies are more polished/well put-together and usually have a cleaner ending.

- Filler moments are usually not that common unlike filler episodes to stretch out a season.

A TV Show has to be incredible for me to get fully engaged. The last show to really make me obsessed and forget about movies was Breaking Bad. I know it's a common pick, but it really did hook me like crazy. The character development was off the charts.

I think one thing TV Shows have going for them is they have more time to flesh out the characters and develop them. Movies have to do a good job in a short time.

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