For A Close Shave, What Do You Use?
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04-07-2021, 02:51 PM

I expect one or two of you men here occasionally shave (Bar Whatty). If so, what do you use, are you an electric razor guy or a wet shaver?

I am a 5 blade wet shaver. I just buy those blister pack, 5 times 5 blade shaver heads plus a shaver. They are often cheaper than buying addon blades,

I have tried the two main brands, Gillette and Schick. Interestingly enough, Schick puts Gillette to shame. I can get about 5 good shaves out of a Gillette one, but the Schick does around 8-9 before it starts going blunt. Plus, the Schick shaving gel is much better than the Gillette one in preparing your skin for a smooth shave. I don't shave every day which makes the results better.

What's your shaving way and products of choice? Do you use pre electric liquid if an electric shave user?

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