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How can school be made more effective Thread Modes
How can the current system of education be made better to serve children and teach them useful information.
For the progress of educational institutes, both teachers and students play an equal role. Teachers must build a positive relation with a child by having more communication  to ensure, the child's brain works systematically to learn things. Institutes must give chances to all classes of people without any discrimination between poor and rich, to come forward and build their skills. Apart from this, digital learning should be used in schools in order to enable students to create compelling learning activities.
Since everything is online nowadays. More online vedios and information should be shared with children. Education should me made fun playing educational games instead of just routine tests.
I guess apart from focusing on students' involvement in the learning, teachers and staff should be trained by the help of professional development plans.
Professional development for staff is essential.
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In order for schools to grow effectively, students and teachers must be encouraged and supported to explore new educational standards and daily routine challenges.

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