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Hello all, I am making this quick thread to go into further detail about how the new theme is going to look, I won't reveal too much as to kill the suspense, but I decided a couple weeks ago that it wasn't worth the effort to try any fix the current theme.  I essentially modified an already broken theme, and likely just made it worse.  After a bunch of problems and frustration I made that decision, bought a theme.  Now modifications are being made, and I am getting some help from a very good developer, I think new theme is going to be much better.

I hadn't even considered that the theme was an eyesore till it was pointed out to me, maybe some people are more sensitive to blue than I am, anyway new theme is going to be less transparent, with teal accents.  Navigation will be much better and we will be fully updating the private messaging system.  I had mentioned this new PM system beforehand, but ran into a lot of unexpected trouble. I don't want to unveil a new feature until it is complete. 

Oh another quick feature that won't be useful to a lot of you, but if you happen to be a member of we will be getting an integrated quick login/register to link your RuneBay account with your HF account.  

Since development for the gambling plugin is about complete, the next big project after the theme design is going to be a custom marketplace experience.  A major update that will include things such as Contracts (We will likely be calling this the Pledges System, please let me know if you have any name suggestions), Vouches, Buying and selling awards, Buying and selling your forum signature, among some other features as well that I won't reveal just yet.  

Anyway, I apologize for the slow progress over the year, but now I am outsourcing some more help to make this go by much faster. Also this developer is much more talented than me, so it will be great. 

Thank you to all those who lurk and especially @Ninja for sticking around so long.   

Posting this update to let everyone know I am in fact alive, and still working on the forum every day. I've started working on localhost instead of live server because of caching issues and lots of other reasons.  Just know we got good things planned.  Really far down the line I would like to get some RuneScape tools like skill calculators, GE monitoring for flipping, etc.  But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also any thoughts about live RSGP gambling for the forum? With real RSGP backing the forum currency.   Withdrawals and deposits, and trading between members could all work well.  I am not too sure about the legality of the matter, but I am pretty sure it's a grey area because RS gold is not real currency, but not too sure yet. 

In other news, I have added an anime section, and a sports section, for those who might be interested in such topics, and I will be expanding the forums soon.  If you have any suggestions for new sections, post them down below.  As long as it somewhat can relate to the niche (or relate to general sections) I will consider it. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns you can always contact me, PMs always open.

Anyway, for those that remain, here is an update.

Quick Edit:

Yes, I know the header is fugly.  But with the new theme going to be done in a couple weeks it's not really worth fixing.  For now, enjoy that or maybe switch your theme in UserCP.  Can't promise you will have full functionality on any other theme though.

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Amazing features are rolling out fast!

Amazing features are rolling out fast!

Amazing features are rolling out fast!

Amazing features are rolling out fast!

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