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What all do you do on your pc? Thread Modes
Me i personally love to hack and bot games while i watch movies or design in photoshops 

You guys?
Old school runescape .. discord .. YouTube and now this for sure.
RuneBay 2020!
Definitely enjoy getting into things i'm not supposed to. Nothing compared to my teenage years, I used to write bots for MSN Chatrooms and viruses for MSN Messenger.

Not quite as much of a deviant anymore, but I still like to do some questionable things once in a while. For learning purposes, of course.

I usually have Website and Discord Bot projects going constantly. Hard to turn down easy money!


Code websites, listen to music, and I occasionally play OSRS as well!
Amazing features are rolling out fast!
I have dual monitors so I'm most always multitasking. I watch videos/movies/TV shows while simultaneously playing a game—of which I play four or five somewhat regularly.
I just recently passed my CompTIA A+ 220-1001 so now I'm studying for the 220-1002. I use my computer for a lot of different things though.
Work, gaming and osrs services mostly Tongue
Youtube, Hearthstone, Discord, Reddit and listening to music. Sometimes I make music as well but I'm a novice. I also enjoy looking for bugs on Runescape private servers.

Used to actively play OSRS (2160 total) but I've lost interest in the game from a playing perspective, I still enjoy keeping up to date with it though.
The real question is what do you NOT use your PC for! Smile
thats stupid just play rs duhhhh
I play online games on my Pc.

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