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What anime are you currently watching? Thread Modes
I've been re-watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on Netflix lately, I think it is such a good show.  If you haven't seen it, you really need to.

Anyways, if you're watching an anime please drop it down, if you're not(...what??), drop down a recommendation!

Also, don't get mad about forum descriptions/name, it's just a joke.
Amazing features are rolling out fast!
World trigger
Its a story where creatures(humans and other creatures) called as neighbours attack people on earth to extract something like chakra.
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Dragon ball super is one of the popular anime nowadays and almost every anime fan will watch it.
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I am watching El camino and stranger things season 3.
I recently finished watching, Stand by me Doraemon 2.
I am currently watching Attack on Titans. I am on season 4 episode 4 right now. It is a really interesting anime.
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i have been watching 'Attack on titian.' I have now reached season three,
My most favorite one is " Jijutsu kaisen". I spend like 6-7 hours on it daily.

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