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What does "cheese" mean? Thread Modes
I was playing an online multiplayer soccer game and the other team won. At the end we all said "gg" and one of the other team's players responded with "cheese." What does that mean in gaming?

This same player has also responded with "ez," regardless of who won. I'm not sure what their intent is with these comments. I know I'm the worst player overall, but at least I score every once in a while, I don't usually score for the other team, and I think I'm pretty good defensively. I just suck at making goals. I often find I need to use other unusual tactics to help the team. I'm not sure these comments are targeting me or not.

My unusual tactics are not considered cheating and they don't guarantee my team will win. I can't score unless I'm in the right place at the right time, so I primarily focus on defense. But I run in front of my opponent to block the ball, ram into them (perfectly legal), and sometimes I simply don't move out of their way. All these things are legal. I change my strategy based on who is on my team as well as the other team. I also tend to back off the ball to let my better teammates attempt to score.

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