Our History

The Hoshinjutsu Budo Ryu began its history as the Hoshinroshiryu’s Hoshin Budo Association, which was the regional organization for the United States East Coast, created by Sensei Rob Williams, and approved by Dr. Glenn Morris. It was the largest group of instructors and black belts within Hoshinroshiryu.

Hoshin Jutaijutsu has evolved further into a complete system of physical, mental and energetic development, under the leadership of Sensei Rob Williams. Rob Williams has been a black belt instructor of Hoshin Jutaijutsu since 1996. This art, which was originally created by Dr. Glenn J. Morris in the early 80’s, was originally designed in a college atmosphere and was a collection of nasty strategies Doc had learned through fights, the army and playing with martial arts. Dr. Morris had trained in many traditional martial arts. He was also fond of the Quick Kill system taught to US servicemen.

What is unique about Hoshin is that esoteric information and lessons are part of the ‘everyday’ class instruction. Most martial arts instructors will talk about the esoteric concepts ‘in theory’. In fact, it is quite common for martial arts instructors to tell students that when they get to a level ‘advanced enough’ that they can start learning the esoteric skills associated with martial arts

Hoshin Jutaijutsu is alive and well. There are quality instructors in our ryu who understand Glenn’s vision for complete integration and can convey these methods to others. The classes continue to be taught and students continue to advance through the belt system. Rob Sensei teaches Hoshin class every week, and will on occasion host events or seminars. We will list all of these special events for the year on our Seminars page. The Doc Morris memorial seminar is held the 1st Sunday in April. Hoshinfest is our annual gathering which is usually held in October

We welcome you to contact us, to become a part of the living tradition that is Hoshin Jutaijutsu, and to, in the great words of Glenn Morris, “Keep going, keep playing. Study on this!”