Hoshin Tao Chi Kung



Rob Williams is now offering one-on-one Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Skype classes Space will be limited so please email Mr. Williams privately to reserve a spot. Small group classes are also available on a case by case basis.

Class is 1 hour of guided meditation/instruction and 30 minutes Q+A.

If interested contact Mr. Williams at [email protected]

Chi Kung is the science of bio electricity generation and storage. The essence of Chi Kung is developing the ability to put your increased energy, also called chi or life force, to work for you.

Hoshin Tao Chi Kung is an effective means of opening and clearing the energy channels of the body, sometimes called chakras, and enabling the process of Kundalini awakening, or energy amplification. We do this through practices that combine the breath, the will and physical movements.  Practitioners rediscover their ability to move and breathe naturally, which enhances flow and effective taijutsu. Hoshin Tao Chi Kung has the additional benefit of physical and emotional well-being if practiced properly and under a licensed instructor.

This is the official Hoshin Tao Chi Kung Instructor certificate from Dr. Glenn J. Morris, Soke. Dr. Morris was very serious about the qualifications to receive this license. Kundalini is not something to be taken lightly. Glenn would say, “Anyone who tells you their Kundalini awakening was a blissful experience…is lying. It’s scary.” Just teaching the meditations in Doc’s books is not enough. There is Kuden (oral tradition) that is taught to help guide others through this process. There are real dangers, both physical and emotional, that can have serious consequences if you don’t have an experienced instructor who is trained in helping balance the deep rooted negative emotions that are released.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a licensed instructor to help guide you. Ask for this document. If they can’t produce it, look elsewhere. KAP instructors Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko also have a program for safe Kundalini awakening. Our licensed Hoshin Tao Chi Kung instructors also have experience in helping those who are interested in pursuing this goal.

As Doc would say, “There are worse side effects than boredom to meditating wrong.”