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* RuneBay is not affiliated or associated with Jagex LTD, or the official Runescape.
* RuneBay is not responsible for actions of any users, members, staff, donators, and associations of any official user.
* RuneBay is not responsible for any trades, currencies, scams, deals, etc. Deal at your own risk. Use an official middleman, always.
* RuneBay does not endorse any product, or item, nor user. RuneBay does not endorse any ranks, donations, or premium purchases.
* RuneBay does not allow any NSFW, racism, explicit content, nor do we allow harassment.
* RuneBay does not allow users to convince, allow, or intimidate users into anything against our ToS.
* RuneBay will not be responsible for any user disputes, complications, confrontations or accusations.
* RuneBay does not guarantee any message, topic, or text to be factual due to third-party-content rights.
* RuneBay reserves the right to delete, ban, or temporarily disable a user for any reason we feel is necessary.
* RuneBay GP is a virtual currency, controlled by the system itself and can be increased, decreased, or modified at any time.
* RuneBay Reputation is a digital number reflecting what other members think of you, and is not a signification of role, status, popularity, or a judgement of trust nor non-trust.
* RuneBay awards are badges given to users on a certain event or circumstance which signify a deed at the time, not limited, nor permanent to that action.
* RuneBay is not allowed to disclose your information, ip , user-details, contact info, nor anything alike upon request unless lawfully done.
* RuneBay will never ask for your password, nor any information regarding to non RuneBay services as which we would not need to have.
* RuneBay will never violate your policy, rights, privacy, or details - nor will we ever allow staff to violate any rules on this page.

* All purchases, advertisements, and donations towards RuneBay are non-refundable.
* All content posted on, is third party content excluding the website design, logo, images, and styling.
* All users agree to be responsible for any sort of content, posts, threads they submit/post/reply on RuneBay.