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RuneBay Verified - Join us on Discord!
Join us on Discord, and verify you are connected on Discord and on, with a Staff Member.

Every RuneBay Verified user can now create a custom advertisement of their liking. The Custom bot will show an advertisement every 10 minutes.

Users can search for sellers, buyers, and any other tag you add in your advertisement.

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The Discord Needs some updates
It's not that bad Alpha Smile
[Image: DHtKwnp.gif]
Its just very inactive
(11-13-2019, 05:47 PM)Alpha Wrote: Its just very inactive

I appreciate the feedback, we will be working on it as well! Stay tuned man.
RuneBay Developer
Contact me for any issues, bugs, ideas, etc Smile
Ight we'll make it active tho Smile
thanks mate the give away should make it fairly active

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