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Which toilet should I buy?
If you know me you know I’m a man of superb taste. I like to be fancy cause I am fancy.

Being said I am now in the market to replace my pitiful flush only toilet and urinal at home with something more luxurious.

When I was in Japan they had those ones that like warmed up while you sat and had the “Cleaners”. That was a nice and pleasant experience but what I would like to gather here is what kind of toilet would you recommend?

What do you have at home?
[Image: DHtKwnp.gif]
Standard af. I squat and it comes out in like 10 seconds so it's not a big deal.
[Image: db0hdzb-6a475140-1189-4427-a508-55ea3635...Nz8lcE8Ii4]
go to homedepot and ask the person

I want a better toilet not some basic nerd toilet like you guys have. I want to feel great cause I am great ya feel me?
[Image: DHtKwnp.gif]

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