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team pking with wolf and friends
Hey everyone,

Interested in team pking? Like to give slaps to unsuspecting victims? How about stacking scrillions from dead pvmers at rev caves? If so reply in thread or find us in game.

Wolf 90 is my ign and cc name
You can also get a hold of our discord admin stratified for more info (his forum name here is purple)

I like to go everywhere in the wildy (literally everywhere) and the more the merrier. Stop by the cc sometime and let us know!
What are your guys combat range/builds?
RuneBay Developer
Contact me for any issues, bugs, ideas, etc Smile
Nhers? also Single or multi?
We have got people in most brackets from baby pures 65cb to zerks so I would say 60-105.

We do singles and multi. West drags, chins, rev caves, chaos altar and temple, venanitis, lava dragons, rune rock is where we frequent most. But ill pk just about anywhere.
I wanna join you guys
(11-07-2019, 06:47 PM)I PK BRO Wrote: I wanna join you guys

Awesome stop by the cc and hit us up!
do you ahve a discord dm me it pelase

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