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PkHonor - Skotizo -All pets
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Welcome to PkHonor! -> Click here to download our installer (Windows only) -> Click here to play our webclient (All operating systems) -> Click here to download our desktop client (All operating systems) -> Click here to download our zipped client (All operating systems) incase you have trouble with the other clients. Unlike the others, this one does not automatically update. Also visit us on our site, www.pkhonor.net and check our trailer on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6yzhgr_eEM What to look forward to?Q Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide the community with the updates THEY want to see, suggested by players for players.a We have a fantastic staff team that strive for the ultimate customer service experience. Meaning they are always there to assist you in any way possible. Why we're the best? PkHonor has always been a community-driven private server. We pride ourselves on our strong, kind hearted community with experienced players who are always available to help.